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Hey how about going to that thing?

But also: how about just lying face down in this clean pile of laundry?


What am I doing?

I should be drawing.

Fast Company article about French labour union agreement etc →

Today I’m particularly annoyed by people reading the headline of this article and myriad others like it and posting on Facebook about how “oh gee I should move to France!! It’s literally illegal to work after 6pm!!”

Actually no
1. “Legally binding” does not a law make
2. This applies to a very specific sector of worker
3. You’re a goddamn idiot, if you thought for a moment, you’d realise that is not how the world works.

Also, props to FAST COMPANY for using “la dolce vita” to refer to FRANCE.

Now I will chill out a little bit.

My dad just got discharged from a week in the hospital after a heart attack and bypass surgery. I spent all of last week feeling calm but now that he’s home, everything makes me want to cry hysterically. Mainly just useless thoughts like all the things I’ve done wrong up to now that could possibly lead to my losing people I really value, or how I can’t prevent anyone from just suddenly departing at any time. I don’t think anyone who’s ever lost anyone feels like they had enough time to spend with them, so I don’t even know if there’s anything I can do differently now that will somehow make the time I spend with loved ones more meaningful. 


And for any of you having a bad day, here is my awesome dad.

Dads: a national treasure.

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Young and living cheaply in Vancouver — bring on Freedom 35→

Too bad basically everything in this article is irrelevant to my life.

“You had a friend, and then a girlfriend, and then a fiancée — the same person. She cooked dinner sometimes, but sometimes you cooked. You often touched.”

A description of domesticity so concise and perfect that I laughed out loud, a la Night Vale podcast.

Lawyer event tonight

Pro tip: if you forgot to shave your legs and are trying to convince yourself that it’s safe to go tightsless, you should probably just wear the tights.